Welcome to the ways of the Serpent. Ever elusive. Ever moving. Ever shedding. Ever changing. It thus remains.
The variety of symbols that pertain to this tradition, speak to the Luminous Freedom of the True Magickal Self, Magickal Artistry, Wisdom Incarnate, the True Will, and the Self Sufficiency of taking accountability and responsibility into our own hands, through our Craftwork.
We come together as a Society of occult researchers, and magickal beings, that are ongoingly co-creating our divine reality within and without.
These energies seek to provide that trans-formative serpentine experience that reads the seeker, awakens the sleeper, embeds the initiate, and empowers the adept towards their own self realization and micro and macro cosmic mastery.
This private group is intended for serious students, and practitioners of the higher mysteries, as pertaining to this mystery.
There is a supportive psycho-spiritual methodology that is recommended. We are non-dogmatic, yet spiritual and psycho-educational in nature. Thank you for your Light.+

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